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Energize: The fully comprehensive and continuous stream of resources to help you reach children and young people.

Try out some of the resources from Energize for yourself!

Below you'll find a selection of FREE resources from several of our most popular series, as well as a range of useful articles for you to look at.

See first hand how they can help you with your children's or youth work.


"Dealing With Worry"

Faith Development and Young People

Over the years many researchers have tried to understand the processes of faith development. One reason for pursuing these studies is that it might give us insights into how best to share the Christian faith with others.

Click HERE to read more of our article on faith development.

Free Meeting Plan for 5-6's about the story of Noah

New for 2008 are meeting plans written specifically for use with 5-6 year olds. We are starting off with our Bible Characters series, looking at the stories of 33 Biblical Characters. The first in this series is Noah.

Free Meeting Plans on Christian Foundations

Below are four meeting plans, written for the 11-14's age group, taken from our Christian Foundations Series.

Free Meeting Plans on Trust

(Resources for Evangelical Alliance values campaign)

Free Meeting Plans on Service

Free Meeting Plans on Making a Difference