Living With Jesus is a unique, transformational discipleship course for children, taking them through the fundamentals of the Christian faith in a relational, interactive and challenging way, always applying to their lives the commands to:

  • love God

  • love one another

  • and to love the lost. 

Concepts that children are not normally exposed to are explained simply. Each book builds on the other into a complete discipleship course with suggestions for putting faith into action.

All books in the Living With Jesus series are designed to be used interactively either one-on-one with a parent or other adult in a small group.

Living With Jesus Together

It is a dynamic tool to bring children, ages 6-11, into the presence of Jesus in a small group setting. 43 sessions provide the framework for the Holy Spirit, through prayer, to mobilize every child as a minister.

Each week children relate to Jesus, each other and the small group leader as they worship together, apply the Word of God to their lives, and are equipped to win their friends for Jesus. Each session is based on:

  • Welcoming each other
  • Jesus’ Word and our lives
  • Worshipping Jesus
  • Witnessing for Jesus

Living With Jesus Together can be used in conjunction with the Living With Jesus series of books, which can be used by parents during the week or as extra discipleship material in the small group meeting. 

Living With Jesus Together 

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Welcome to God's Family 

Introducing children to the body of Christ.


Special Times and Gifts 

Introducing children to baptism, communion and the Holy Spirit.


Talking and Listening 

Introducing children to hearing the voice of God.


Love for Me and Love for Others 

Introducing children to the unconditional love of Jesus.


Strong holds 

Introducing children to strongholds - the soul and freedom.


What do we Choose? 

Introducing children to making Kingdom choices.


Having Faith 

Introducing children to a life of faith.


Staying Protected 

Introducing children to spiritual welfare.