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STRESS: Handling Stress (SCH02) 15+

Theme: Stress

The aim of this session is to help young people find positive and Biblical ways of handling stress.

WORRY: Worried Sick (HE02) 11-14

Theme: Worry (Handling Emotions)

To teach what the Bible has to say about worry, in order to enable the young people to make a realistic assessment of their worries and minimise unnecessary worry.

CHRISTMAS: What If God Was One Of Us...? (SP901) 15+

Theme: Christmas

To help young people understand the incarnation. To encourage young people to have a great time at Christmas AND remember what it's all really about

CHRISTMAS: Fun Night (SP902) 15+

Theme: Christmas

To have fun at Christmas!

TEMPTATION: Very Tempting! (PP01) 15+

Theme: Temptation

To explore reasons why we should resist temptations to sin, and to develop strategies to do so. To understand how God allows us to be tested and how this can strengthen our faith.

SELF-WORTH: Standing Tall (PP02) 15+

Theme: Self worth - image

To help young people think about their self-worth and what affects it. To help them see themselves as Jesus sees them.

PRAYER: Getting To Know God (CCom01) 15+

Theme: Prayer (Christian Commitments)

To help young people understand that prayer is communication with God and a means of getting to know Him better. To help young people think about how they can make prayer a part of their daily lives


BIBLE: Why Bother With The Bible? (CCom02) 15+

Theme: Bible reading/study

To help young people understand the importance of reading and studying the Bible. To suggest some ways in which they can study the Bible for themselves

faith development, character

LOVING: The Love Of God (NG01) 15+

Theme: Love (Nature of God)

To help the young people understand that God's very nature is love. To understand more of what God's love is like and to realise that God's love for us needs to result in our love for others.

NEW YEAR: Resolutions - Fun Night (SP101) 15+

Theme: New Year

To kick the new year off with a fun memorable evening!