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Young People and Prayer

The Impact Team has created a number of resources for helping children and young people engage with prayer. Explore these here:

Let's Pray! - Creative Prayer Ideas

Prayer Space Ideas


Welcome to this prayer space with prompts for all the work the field team do across the UK and Ireland. 


Ponder this with us...

As a child, I would walk with my grandpa to the newsagents, this would be the time I could select whatever magazines, sweets or promotional 'must have' and he would happily pay. As I got older, I would go with some cash he had given. I sensed God remind me of this memory to illustrate to me that God can bless us with the resources, and we can go and 'shop' i.e. do mission BUT if we go with Him, we have an unlimited access to all He can provide. 

Loving God, thank you that You desire for Your Kingdom to come on earth as in Heaven and we partner with You today to see this be a reality. We ask that we may walk in all of Your ways not just with your favour and blessing but with You. We pray to be reminded of the more you can bring as we pray, as we humble ourselves and align afresh with the desires of what You want all young people to know of You. Lord, we pray for the revelation that You offer to all - a relationship with You be prompted by Your Spirit to every person we are encountering. Fill our mouths with the words that You would say and may our hearts beat in time with Yours. 

We reflect on these pictures of groups of young people and the places they gather and ask for your words and pictures of revelation so as to pray meaningfully. 

Photo Compilation

As a team, we have been reading a book this year called Rewilding the Church by Steve Aisthorpe. It has challenged us to read in view of our charity what may God be calling us back to and into afresh. Our short team time away in September had a focus on the thought, He walks with us in... Jesus walks with us in risk, in the waiting and in the transformation. 

We invite you to pray about what is He encouraging you to know He is walking with you in. 


Matthew 20:29-34

Recently our team reflected on Jesus' question; "What do you want Me to do for you?" in Matthew 20:32.

Take a moment to read the passage and pause with God.

The boldness and bravery we see through the blind men in this story is amazing! They cried out to Jesus despite the world around them telling them to be quiet.

Let us take lead from the blind men in daring to be bold in our asks from God.

Take a moment to hear Jesus' prompting to you, what would you like Him to do for you in this next season? What would you like him to do for the youth in your area and the wider United Kingdom?

Dare to dream big with your prayers for youth! Dare to ask! (Matthew 7:7).

Together we will go.

Merciful Father, we speak life and joy over the lives of all the volunteers who give sacrificially their time to plan and organise all the activities and groups that run over all the nights of the week. 

  • We praise You for 21 groups that are underway in being set up and in training progressing to safer recruitment. 
  • We praise You for 10 ​new groups in connection with local schools. 

Regional Updates

North West of England

(Lorna Penn - Support Worker)

Pray for our first North West Leaders’ brunch in October.  Pray for a good turn out, that those who attend will feel invested in and be excited about the future of Urban Saints. Pray for Pam Kershaw as she leads this. 

Please pray that God will help those transitioning from the juniors to the seniors group at the Kirkby Group.  Please also pray for those over 18’s who have recently left the Group, that they will continue to come to church on Sundays. 

Please pray for the seniors group at Sandbach.  At the moment, they have no young people so please pray that this will change. 

Please pray for those young people in Carlisle who have left the Group and gone to University, that they will continue their relationship with God.

Yorkshire & the North East

(Pam Kershaw)

Pray for all the volunteers who are beginning initial training in the region. 

Pray for the weekly lunchtime Group at Ripon Grammar School which had a fantastic pre-launch last month. 

Pray for development conversations happening with local churches and organisations for further reach in the regions of Yorkshire and the North East. 

Central England

(Anthony Narain)

Pray for Bishop Cleeves Group as they prepare to rejoin us as an Urban Saints Group.

Thank God for Stourbridge Youth as they continue to faithfully attend training so they can launch their Group this term.

Give thanks for the children we serve in Chadsmead Primary School and St. Chads Primary School in Lichfield.  Thank God for the opportunities He is giving us to engage with the young people and their parents outside of school.

Pray for me as I continue to let God lead me into the areas of the Central Region that are ready to receive His message.

North London 

(Sam Daniel)

Thank God for being able to complete training for the new Group at Christ Church Barnet.  Pray as we now seek to explore many partnerships with other churches and organisations.

Pray as we meet with Young Life, Kick London and The Message to see how conversations may lead to collaborative projects or missions together.

South East of England

(Richard Winborn - South East Networks Coordinator)

Pray for a Group Leaders’ Gathering being held on 17th October on Zoom for the Leaders in the South East Region and South London.  Pray that the Leaders will feel supported and encouraged in the work they do with the children and young people in their Groups on a week-by-week basis.  Pray, too, for an in-person networking meeting being arranged for November in the Portsmouth area for leaders of churches/groups who use Energize resources.

Pray, too, for our need in the South East Region for an Impact Team Leader to be appointed to pioneer the starting of new Groups in the region. 

South Central England

(Anthony Narain)

Pray for the new Group, Thame Urban Saints, which officially launched on Sunday 25th September.

Continue to pray for Reading College Group as they look at restarting this term.

South West of England

(Lorna Penn)

(Lorna has been keeping in touch with the Groups in the absence of an Impact Team Leader in the SW)

Thank God for the new young people who have joined the Yatton Group. However, the team are concerned that if numbers continue to grow, it won’t be sustainable and they may turn people away.  Please pray for some kind of solution (to a good problem). 

Give thanks that numbers have also grown in the Exeter Stoke Valley Group.  Pray that they will get back into the swing of meeting together.  Please pray for opportunities for more engagement with the young people. 

East of England, South West of England, and South London 

(Sara Taylor - Missions Lead)

Please pray for the regions that are currently without an Impact Team Leader. Pray for the team as we currently review potential new ways of working and explore future posts to enable us to provide greater coverage and support across the regions and nations. 


(Andy Hughes)

We give thanks for an awesome summer of Camps on three sites here in Wales, for the hundreds of volunteers who have made these possible and the many campers who encountered God on Camp.  Please pray for the core teams as they meet to reflect, debrief and make plans for 2023.

Give thanks for a great team in Llanbradach near Caerphilly who took part in initial training at the end of August and have now started their Group. Pray for them as they continue to build relationships with the young people and their families.

Pray for the various Groups across Wales who are planning events as an alternative to celebrating Halloween. Pray that the young people will see these as more exciting and want to come.


(Wilson Beare)

Please give thanks for our recent Autumn Retreat attended by a number of Leaders, volunteers and supporters. Give thanks for a time for connection, equipping and inspiration for the year ahead. 

Pray for Groups and Leaders in a new term for connection with local communities and new young people. 

Pray for potential new Group opportunities in Armagh, that God would guide the discerning, planning and training for this potential new Group.


(Danielle Walton)

Please pray for our Groups that have restarted this term, pray for the young people in their areas to come and encounter the love of God. 

We praise God for the joy and continued openness that our Lighthouse Group experienced when they restarted last month.

Pray for our Spree In the Borders 2023 team as we begin to plan how it will take shape.

Pray for the conversations we are having around new opportunities to launch additional Urban Saints Groups in Scotland. 

Prayer Wall

Join us in giving thanks and praying for the Impact Team Leaders. Please read through the prayers and declarations then add your own to the wall!


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