Create a Plan From Scratch

A brilliant feature of this version of Energize is the opportunity to create meeting plans from scratch by drawing in items from the Energize activity bank.

To start to build a meeting plan from scratch either click on CREATE A BLANK PLAN from the MEETING PLANS drop down menu in the top red toolbar or, in the MEETING PLANS section on the hompage click on:

This will open the New plan template

Once you have this open the first thing to do is give your plan a name. To do this, simply click on:

This will open the RENAME PLAN... pop out:

Type the name you want to give to the plan in the free text box and then click UPDATE.

Below the New plan... title click on 

In the pop-out box click on the folder name you want the plan to be saved in and then clcik UPDATE.

You are now ready to start building your plan! 

Click on:

This will open up the FIND ITEMS pop-out where you can search for items via Age groups, Activity type or Theme.

Use this search function to find items. You can view the content of the items on any results list by clicking on its title.  If you want to add the item to the plan you are contructing simply click on 

To return to your plan click on  in the black menu bar.

See EDIT A MEETING PLAN for further hints and tips about editing plans.

When you have finished editing your plan you need to save it.  (If you try to exit without saving a warning pop-up will appear). On the black toolbar click:

The SAVE AS A NEW PLAN pop-out will open, simply click on the folder that you want to save the plan into and then click

You have now created and saved a plan from scratch. It's coffee time!