Copyright Guidelines

Respecting copyright with teaching books and Bibles

All of the teaching materials, Bibles etc. that are likely to be used at a group or holiday will almost certainly be covered by copyright. Users should ensure that they abide by the copyright restrictions given with the materials.

Many teaching books now allow for the photocopying of certain sections for use by the owner of the book.

Copying short passages of scripture may be permitted depending on the version and publisher – see the copyright information at the front of the publication.

Some websites allow passages of scripture to be downloaded and used with certain limited not-for-profit restrictions. See which is one of the best websites for this purpose.

Respecting copyright with videos, DVDs and music

If showing pre-recorded videos/DVDs:

Some pre-recorded videos/DVDs will state on the label or box that there is no restriction on public viewing, in which case they may be used in a youth/children’s group without infringing copyright. Other pre-recorded videos/DVDs (either purchased or rented) will state that public use (including viewing in clubs) is prohibited, in which case showing them to a youth/children’s may be an infringement of copyright.

Urban Saints has negotiated a licence with Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) to allow us unlimited use of videos/DVDs from over sixty leading film distributors including Touchstone, Universal, Buena Vista, Miramax, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and some Christian distributors.  Further information, including details of how to check whether a specific film is covered by the licence can be found at

Excerpts or complete films may be watched.

No admission charge may be made to watch the material and other conditions apply (for example, if you showing a film and wish to advertise this outside of your group/church you cannot use the name of the film or any images or plot elements that indicate what the film is.  You may only advertise using this information within the confines of your own premises).

If playing pre-recorded music:

It is not an infringement of the copyright of any sound recording (cassette, CD, etc.) to play it as part of the activities of, or for the benefit of, a club, society or other organisation if certain conditions are met. An Urban Saints Group or Holiday almost certainly meets the conditions, which are:

that the organisation is not established or conducted for profit and its main objects are charitable or are otherwise concerned with the advancement of religion, education or social welfare, and

that the proceeds of any charge for admission to the place where the recording is to be heard are applied solely for the purposes of the organisation.

If using worship songs:

If you wish to copy or project words to worship songs at your group you will need to apply to CCLI for a licence if you do not already have on through your church.

If you wish to copy or project words to worship songs at your residential experience you will need to apply to CCLI for a licence. Please note that not all worship books are included – for a list of those covered see the CCLI website at

The licence will need to be applied for at least four weeks before the holiday, and after the residential experience you will need to complete a form to return to CCLI saying which songs you used each day. According to CCLI this is the only means by which you can legally reproduce the words to songs.

Copying of music is forbidden under this licence.