From outreach to discipleship

Energize prepares you to impact your community - whatever the faith level of your young people.

The Energize meeting plans and activities are written with all faith levels in mind – allowing you to choose what works best for the children and young people you serve. In addition to this, Energize encourages leaders to reach beyond the boundaries of your church as young people discover their faith and start putting it into practice.

Energize meeting plans strike a balance between those young people who have grown up in their faith and those who are nowhere near belief. The sessions are Biblically-based but seek to explore all the issues around the story, without assuming too much knowledge of the text. Energize offers a range of activities to do this, including traditional Bible study but also discussion, illustration, drama, creative expression and media.

We have no problem with Sunday School (some of our best friends are Sunday School teachers!) but we're really passionate about seeing communities impacted with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We want to equip and inspire you to reach out to those children and young people who would never enter your church willingly and Energize can help you to do this.

We love Energize – as the only Christian provision for kids in our village, it helps the local children hear more about Jesus

Getting to grips with faith

Once your young people have begun their faith journey, you will want to support and nurture their spiritual development. Energize looks to raise helpful questions that they can apply to their every day lives and explore what it means to live as a Christian. There are also other resources, including discipleship courses, that you can connect them with as you encourage them to get to grips with what they believe.

On a mission

Urban Saints believe that the best way to discover faith is to put that faith, however small, into practice. We do that by including activities on Energize that encourage response outside of group times and we also offer opportunities for young people to gather together to make an impact in their local community and sometimes even further afield. It's a great way for young people to test their growing faith to see if it "works" in the world they experience every day and it provides an opportunity for leaders to model their faith outside of the weekly group meeting context.

For example, there are meeting plans that encourage groups to explore community outreach together - allowing space within the plans to reflect on what the young people have seen, heard and done. There are occasional events (organised either locally or nationally by Urban Saints or one of their partners) that take place to which leaders can bring their groups. These events encourage young people to stretch their faith in a safe environment and make a difference in a community away from their own. Some of these events even happen overseas (for example, the highly popular ReBuild trips) to give young people a glimpse not only of a whole new community but a completely different culture too.

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The Energize material is helping the children draw closer to Jesus and now we are seeing their families coming along too... - Families Worker, Devon

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