Interceding on behalf of young people

"History belongs to the intercessors, who believe the future into being… By means of our intercessions we veritably cast fire upon the earth and trumpet the future into being." - Walter Wink, The Powers That Be: Theology for a New Millennium

Spending 48 hours together in prayer focuses our attention to bring young people from across Urban Saints and beyond to the Father. An important aspect of this is interceding on behalf of the younger generations to see the world they are growing up in change.

This prayer space will inspire you to pray and intercede – it’s less a creative prayer space and more a call to action – especially if you are not used to using prayers of intercession for young people.

If you are familiar to intercession, you’ll need no further invitation to get started. Why not jump straight to the prayer board below and start sharing your prayers on behalf of the children and young people of our nations?

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If you are new to intercession (or just need some further inspiration), check out the video below – part of 24-7 Prayer’s ‘Prayer Course’ – or read chapter 6 of ‘How to Pray’ by Pete Greig*

How do we practically intercede for children and young people?

"We must learn to move man through God by prayer alone” – Hudson Taylor

Get informed: Engage with the facts.

Take some time to understand the world of young people or at least keep listening out for issues and situations that will affect younger people. Pick up a newspaper or turn on the evening news. There aren’t many stories that don’t impact the world of young people and their future in some way.

Why not search the topic ‘young people’ on the BBC News website:

Young people on BBC News

Here are a few suggestions of topics you might want to pray into (although these are by no means the only ones):

  • Living costs
  • Climate change
  • Employment opportunities
  • Education
  • Gangs and crime
  • Bullying
  • Social media
  • Peer pressure
  • Home life
  • Health (especially mental health)
  • Broken relationships
  • Identity
  • Belonging
  • Hope for the future

Take a walk around your local area and you’re bound to find inspiration to pray for children and young people. Prayer walking is great way to not only be inspired to pray but also help you persevere in prayer too.

Prayer walking

If you know one of the Leaders, why not contact your nearest Urban Saints Group or other youth and children’s groups to ask them what they need prayer for?

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Alternatively, the Prayer page on the Urban Saints contains loads of suggestions for things to pray into and ways to commit to pray for young people and all those who support them in their faith journeys.

Pray with Urban Saints


Get inspired: Engage with God’s Word.

Take time to explore Scripture and find out what God is saying to and for children and young people and the world they live in.

There are great examples throughout the Bible where God has called people to intercede on behalf of others and where doing so has seen things change – even moved God’s own heart. Take inspiration from passages such as these:

So the men turned from there and went toward Sodom, but Abraham still stood before the Lord. Then Abraham drew near and said, “Will you indeed sweep away the righteous with the wicked? Suppose there are fifty righteous within the city. Will you then sweep away the place and not spare it for the fifty righteous who are in it? – Genesis 18: 22-24

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land, Now My eyes will be open and my ears attentive to prayer made in this place. - 2 Chronicles 7: 14-16

Are there particular promises in Scripture that you can claim on their behalf?

Many sorrows shall be to the wicked. But he who trusts in the LORD mercy shall surround him. – Psalm 32:10

What might God be revealing to you through His Word that can inspire you to pray and to encourage young people in their walk with Him? Take some time to listen to God’s voice speaking to you and to young people through the words of Scripture.

"That which God abundantly makes the subject of his promises, God’s people should abundantly make the subject of their prayers."” – Jonathan Edwards


Get indignant: Engage with your heart.

"Let my heart be broken with the things that break God’s heart."" – Robert Pierce

Be moved. Get fired up. Allow yourself to become heart-broken for children and young people and really feel this stuff. Push into your outrage that God’s will is not being done in the lives of younger people.

Keep going too. It’s not enough to pray once and then move on. You need to persevere in prayer on behalf of children and young people. Fill up your prayer journal. Stick reminders on the walls or on your fridge or on an app on your phone. We need to commit to pray until something changes – and that could take a long time!


Get in sync: Engage with the saints.

“Truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree, about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” - Matthew 18:19-20

There’s power when we get together. An opportunity like 48 hours in prayer during a 24/2 event, is the perfect chance to get some others together to pray for young people. If you can’t physically arrange to do so, why not meet online in a video call?

Be sure to share your prayers with others too. Sharing encourages others to keep praying and God may also give someone else an answer or encouraging word in response to your prayer. You can post your prayers on the prayer wall below for others to pray too and you can also join the Urban Saints pop-up Facebook group too.

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*Credit to Pete Greig in his book ‘How to Pray’ for the framework of these 4 practical steps to intercede on behalf of children and young people

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