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Energize provides training and encouragement for leaders and life-changing, faith-filled experiences for your group.

Energize gives you so much more than “just meeting plans”. It’s your gateway to effective youth and children’s ministry! In addition to a comprehensive supply of high-quality meeting plans, leaders will benefit from a wide range of training articles and videos. There are also mentoring and discipleship courses for young and new leaders to help develop the less experienced members of your team. Energize is a key part of the Urban Saints movement and subscribing connects you with a full year of fun-packed, life-changing and faith-filled experiences for your children and young people too.

No leader stands alone

Youth and children's ministry is tough. But with the right amount of enthusiasm, a sprinkling of craziness and appropriate training and support, anyone can do it!

Energize meeting plans can ensure that every member of your team can take responsibility for all or part of a group session. But we also want to ensure that leaders feel properly prepared, with useful tips and more formal training, and supported and encouraged in their role too.

Energize has hundreds of training articles on aspects of youth development and culture, group dynamics, leadership skills and faith exploration. Energize users have unlimited access to this knowledge base, wherever and whenever they want to refer to it.

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We also want to see leaders supported in their locality too. Local and national Urban Saints teams organise training, networking and social events for leaders to come together and encourage one another - these are also open to all Energize users to attend.

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Energize has been invaluable in helping me develop this year, having just started as a full time trainee youth worker

Leaders of the future. Today.

The lament we hear from so many groups connecting with Energize is "we need more (younger) leaders". It's great when volunteers are found but they can be very hard to come by. One way to add to your leadership team is to train up and mentor your young people to be leaders too.

Energize contains discipleship, mentoring and leadership courses that can really help you to prepare them for serving in your youth and children's ministry. Why not invest in those you have already journeyed with, to become your future leadership team? They might even prove the answer to your prayers right now...

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Step into a wider world

If you only use Energize to run your group times, you are seriously missing out. So are your group members!

Connecting with Energize gives you the opportunity to access a wide range of life-changing, faith-filled experiences for children and young people. Ranging from fun days to adventure holidays, community action to mission projects, these experiences give children and young people a taste of what it means to be part of something bigger - the family of God - and the opportunity to discover, explore and live out their faith in a safe, caring environment.

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