Presenter Mode

Presenter mode is a new feature of this version of Energize and is a nifty way of viewing your meeting plan and keeping track of the time if you are using a laptop or electronic device to view your session notes when you’re presenting the session.

To enter Presenter Mode click on

in the bottom black tool bar. The screen will reformat so that elements of the session you are running are listed in the left-hand column

Clicking on any of the item titles in the left-hand column will move the right-side of the screen (if necessary) so that the you can see that particular item so you don't have to scroll down whilst you are presenting the session.

In left-hand corner of the bottom clack toolbar you will see that there is a timer.

When you click on the numbers on this icon you have the facility, via drop down options to enter the length of time that you are aiming the session to run for.

In the header of your meeting plan (viewed outside of Presenter Mode) you will see that there is an estimated running time for the session based upon the items you have selected eg.

TOTAL DURATION      40 minutes

You might want to enter this into the timer or alternatively if you are planning for the session to run for a shorter or longer period of time, enter that time instead. Simply select the hours and/or minutes from the drop down list and when you click on 

the timer will start counting down

To pause the countdown at any stage, click

To exit Presenter Mode and return to Edit Mode, click on 

on the right-hand side of the bottom black toolbar.  You can switch between Presenter and Edit Mode without stopping the clock.