There are over 1,700 meeting plans and over 22,000 individual activities on Energize so knowing how to locate the ones that might be of interest to you is useful (as well as being super straightforward!).  If you haven't done so already you may find it useful to check out the information on the Understand Energize Terminology page as this will make it easier for you to use the search options.


Start your search at the Energize homepage.  There are two ways to go to the meeting plan search page from here.

On the red menu bar at the top of the screen, hover over

A drop down list will appear.  From this, click  

This will take you directly to the FIND MEETING PLANS page. Alternatively, under

you can reach the same page by clicking

You should now be on this page:


You will see that all the Age Groups boxes are checked and as a result listed below will be all the meeting plans loaded on Energize - as we said, there's lots of these so you'll want to start refining these down to a more managable number of options.

You may want to begin by focusing on material for one or more age groups. Remember that whilst there might not be much material, for example, in the 3-4 age group that would be applicable to a 15+ group there could well be material in adjacent age groups that is exactly what you are looking for. In other words you may want to look more widely than just at the meeting plans which are listed as being suitable for the specific age group you are working with.  (You can find our more about editing meeting plans and adding in items from other plans in our EDIT A MEETING PLAN guide).

To reduce the number of age groups you are searching for uncheck the box next to the age range by clicking on it.  To then see the meeting plans relating only to the age group or groups selected, refresh the page by clicking on 

When you have the Meeting plans option checked (as below) you will see that you have options to search via: Series, Theme, Session Number, Bible book / Chapter and/Tag or Keyword. You can search using one of these options or combine any number to refine your search. The more search parameters you choose the fewer results you will return.

To enter a search parameter for any of the available options click on the drop-down arrow at the end of the search box and then on the desciption of the element that you want to add to you search.

When you have selected all the elements that you want to search for, simply click

When you have the Items option in Show Results higlighted you will see that the search options are slightly different but the search mechanism is exactly the same.


This option gives you the opportunity of searching meeting plans by any significant word of three letters or above. The search will always be refined by anything you have entered in the fields above so, for example, if you only had the 15+ age group tab highlighted it would only be searching meeting plans for this age group. The same would apply if you had anything entered in any of the other search boxes.

As with other searches you need to decide whether you want to search Meeting Plans or Items and check the appropriate box on the Show Results line.

If you have the Meeting Plan option checked the Key Word Search will be searching against the title, aim, and leaders notes.

If you have the Item option checked the Key Word Search will be search against the title of the item, the equipment list and the content of the description.