Use folders

Folders are where saved meeting plans are stored.  A folder for you organisation will have been automatically created for you when you subscribed to Energize but Energize administrators are able to create as many additional folders as they want. If you were subscribed to Energize before the release of this new version of Energize your organisation name may be in a different format from the one that you usually use. Energize administrators can make changes to your organisation name in MY ORGANISATIONS.  See HOW TO MANAGE MY DETAILS for further information.

Note:  Some users of this new version of Energize may find that they have a folder called MY MEETING PLANS in their saved plans list. This function is being phased out and will at some stage be removed. You cannot save new plans into this folder.  If you have meeting plans in this folder which you wish to keep please open then and save them into one of your organisation folders.  See HOW TO SAVE A MEETING PLAN.

There are two ways to create a new folder:

1. Go to your SAVE PLANS page. On the same line as your organisation name you will see the following option:

Click on this and a text box will appear in which you can type the name of the folder that your wish to create.  Hit return to complete the process and you will see that this folder is now appears as a sub-folder to your organisation folder.

2. At the very top of the open meeting plan (under the title) click on the Set folder option.

The SAVE AS A NEW PLAN pop out will appear and if you select Another Folder from the drop down list and click

this will save the plan into a folder with this name on your SAVED PLANS page.  If you then go to that page then you can change the name of the folder by clicking on the 

against the folder name and typing in the new name and hitting return.