Short sessions for parents / carers to use in the home

This series was originally developed during the Coronavirus lockdown with weekly sessions being added from March to August 2020.  There are combined sessions for 3-6s, a session for 7-10s and a combined session for 11-14s and 15+.  The sessions are shorter than standard Energize sessions and utilise existing items that will work well in a home environment.

From September 2020 we will not be adding a session every week but will continue to add some new sessions during the autumn term.  The current (week beginning) publication schedule is:

31st August - School

7th September - Feeding of the 5,000  

21st September - Harvest

19th October - Halloween

26th October - Remembrance Day

16th November - Advent

30th November - Christmas

7th December - Ephiphany

14th December - New Year

Many of the activities suggested here were originally written for use in a children's or youth group setting.  They have been specially selected as being suitable for running in a home environment but you may come across terms such as 'group' and 'leader' which reflect the audience they were originally written for.

If you are a children's or youth leader who would like to give access to this series (and other resources on Energize) to parents/carers connected to your group CLICK HERE  to find out how.

See also Kids Club by Post a weekly pack of Bible-based stories and activities for children to participate in a home whilst their groups are unable to meet.