"I bought two of the fiddle bags for my children. Both my children are autistic but with very different sensory needs. I wondered what they would make of them but they both loved them! My non-verbal son is a sensory seeker who loves moving, flapping, noise and colour. He waved the material about, adored the bendy stick and giggled when the bubbles were blown. His sister loved the play doh, the bubbles, the book and pencils and the ball. The rattle egg was popular with them both too!

Over a week later and the items are still regularly used both to calm, entertain and amuse. The material is taken to bed every night and my son has spent hours putting them in and out of the bag over and over. I highly recommend these items. They are quality, well made, well priced and bring so much delight. You won’t be disappointed!" - Miriam Gwynne, parent and award winning blogger



Mark can supply ready-made fiddles boxes - visit his blog for the latest offers on these fantastic resources:

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