Understanding Young People

Additional Needs or Disabilities

Explore some commonly found conditions that some children and young people journey with today, to support these children and young people, and their parents, as they engage with your group.


What are the external influences on the lives of young people, including society and media?


Why do young people do what they do and how can we best support and nurture them?


Identifying we should consider if we are going to communicate well to young people.

Faith Development

Looking at how we can come alongside to support and challenge young people in their faith.

How to work with...

Energize provides resources for working with five distinct age groups but what's the best way of working with each of these age groups? Find out more here.

Developing Your Skills


Thinking about the skills and characteristics that will help us to be effective leaders.


Ensure you are effectively getting your message across to the children and young people you serve and the team you work with


Working together requires real intentionality - what are the tips and tricks for developing the very best leadership teams?


Unpacking what it takes to really care for your group - understanding where they are coming from and what you can do to support them

Running Your Group


Effective youth and children's work doesn't happen by chance - how do you make the right choices about the vision and direction for your group and team?

Planning a Residential

A step-by-step through the process of organising a residential experience with your children and young people.


What do you need to know to make an impact in your community and reach out to the children and young people beyond your group?

Leadership Development

What can we do to help others to be strong leaders?

Creative Activities

Inspiration and ideas to help you do things in fun and engaging ways.

Group Dynamics

Ideas and strategies to help you run your group effectively.

Care and Nurture

When life throws up tough issues how can we support our children and young people?

Stretching Your Faith

Listening to God

Looking at the various ways in which God has spoken in the past and how He continues to speak in many different ways today.

Personal Reflection

Take some time to understand more about yourself and your own preferred way to engage with God and your surroundings

Jesus Masterclass

What does it mean to live more like Jesus did - especially in your role as a leader? Find out more from the Master