Mark regularly writes for a wide range of publications and websites. Here is a small selection of his most recent contributions:


The toll of war on Ukraine's disabled children - World Evangelical Alliance Children’s Network

"Ukraine burns as the world watches on in horror. Many Ukrainians are escaping to neighbouring countries or relatively ‘safe’ parts of western Ukraine, but many millions are trapped in the living hell of cities being constantly shelled and bombed by the Russian military. As always, those who suffer most in conflict zones, whether through the trauma of displacement and loss or the nightmare of being in the line of fire, are children and young people with additional needs and disabilities."

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Six Disability Allies in the Bible -

"The Bible includes real and story-based people who could be viewed as disability allies, among them are Sarah, Aaron, David, ‘The Good Samaritan’, Ananias of Damascus, and Dorcas..."

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Non-Verbal Kids Can Communicate Clearly if We Learn their Language - Different Dream

James can communicate clearly though seldom with words

"Those who study non-verbal communication say that perhaps 60-70% of communication doesn’t rely on words. This means that non-verbal kids can communicate using eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture and other body language, their mood, sounds, loudness, pitch, rhythm, and tone to communicate. So why do we put so much energy into trying to force non-verbal children to communicate through words instead of focusing on their communication skills?"

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George Webster and CBeebies: why disability representation matters - Evangelical Focus

"Where George can be aspirational, is to disabled children and young people growing up in a world that often treats them as second-class citizens and denies them opportunities to succeed. To see George breaking through those barriers can give them hope for their own future."

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Then there was silence... - Evangelical Focus

"The plight of many families with disabled children hasn’t received the media attention that it so deserves and needs if change is to happen... It is little wonder then, in the face of these challenges, that families found themselves exhausted and struggling to cope."

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Fidgets and fiddles: Meeting Sensory Needs -

"Providing a range of fidget or fiddle toys can be a really effective part of the resource toolkit for children’s and youth workers, or for families, offering children and young people safe ways to meet the sensory needs that they have."

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The Walk That Made Me - Energize

"This is more than the usual Chris Packham nature film; this is a glimpse into his early life and the struggles that he had with his mental health as a teenager. At a time when many young people are trying to cope with mental health problems and poor wellbeing, hearing the story of a well-known TV presenter who shares about how hard things were for him but how he came through those difficult years himself might be a help to other young people today."

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