Understanding and supporting, practically and pastorally, families of children and young people with additional needs

This seminar looks at:

  • Understanding the terminology regarding additional/special needs, disability etc.
  • Surviving the diagnosis; what is the journey that many families are on
  • Transitions, milestones, rites of passage; what are some of the key 'trigger' points for families?
  • Dads, siblings, challenges during lockdown and more…
  • What appropriate practical and pastoral support can be offered to families?
  • Further information, resources and support to explore.

The seminar provides you with everything you need to better understand some of the challenges families of children and young people with additional/special needs encounter, what that experience can be like for them, and how to offer and provide appropriate and informed support.

"It’s an amazing opportunity to gather information and informed advice and tips. Answered my questions and uncertainties and made me feel equipped and excited about how I can work alongside all young people."
All Inclusive? event in Haywards Heath, October 2019

Supporting Families - booklet coverThese interactive training seminars can be tailored to meet the needs of the church or group hosting it. The programme is usually presented on a weekday evening in two halves, each lasting around 40 minutes, with a 20 minute interval in between and a Q&A session afterwards. This will include an opportunity to hear about how Urban Saints can serve churches in its work with children and young people, plus the chance to look at various resources during the interval. Longer weekend sessions are available on request.

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