What is The Difference?

“The Difference” is a small group discipleship course for young Christians tackling the big issues of our time. The recommended group size is no more than 6, but with a little bit of adaptation, it could be run in a 1-2-1 or larger group setting.

Who is it for?

Young Christians aged 11-18 who want to make a difference in the world.

How long is the course?

The course is 6 sessions long with each session lasting roughly 1.5 hours. We suggest you meet once a week or once a fortnight.

What does a “The Difference” session look like?

Each session follows a similar pattern. Like any resource, “The Difference” is ready to adapt rather than just ready to use. 

 Here is a rough guide to what a session looks like:

Departure Lounge (10-15 mins)

The session starts with a “snack of the week” which is related to the week's theme. We recommend buying ethically-sourced snacks where you can.  Spend some time at the start of the session chatting to the young people as they arrive and then you can move into the starter activity. This may be a game, a quiz, or discussion starter. You should also use this part of the session to recap on the last session and feedback from the previous sessions’ challenges.

Take Off (10 mins)

Introduce the theme of the week using one of the ideas from the following headings: Create, Reflect, Discuss.

The Flight (20 mins)

This will be the main event of the session. Each week there is a video to watch, a Bible passage to read, some questions to discuss and a call to action.

The Landing (10 mins)

This part of the session is where the young people set their challenge for the coming week. There are 3 options to choose from. Make sure that you lead by example and join in.

The Arrivals Lounge (10 mins)

Essentially this marks the end of the session and will be an opportunity to pray.

Are there any worksheets?

Each week there is a post card which the young people fill in at various points during the session. There are 6 to collect.  And the post cards come as part of participant pack which contains other goodies to help the young people on the journey.

How much does it cost?

Leader's Guides and participants packs are available to purchase via the Urban Saints' store. There are also T-shirts available. The cost of these is items is subsidised for Energize subscribers. 

How do I introduce the course to my group?

There is a video available to introduce “The Difference” to your young people. You could use it to invite the young people to get involved in the course. You could perhaps have a pre-meeting to chat about the course and play this video while you eat pizza. Or you can simply use it in the first session before you get started. It's entirely up to you. Watch or download the introduction video below.

DOWNload video from Vimeo

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