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7 ways Energize can help you find new leaders

Desperately seeking volunteers? Here's our top tips for how Energize can make recruiting and developing new leaders easier...

7 Ways To Support Your Young People at Exam Results Time

There are a few people who like exams. They need prayer for healing! For the rest of us examinations, from revision to results, can be extremely stressful and no more so than for young people who year-on-year have to cope with seemingly ever mounting pressure to do well in their exams. We've come up with 7 suggestions of how to support your young people at exam reults time...plus 7 things that might be best avoided.

7 ways to get more from the new website

A few things that you may not have found yet - but could find extremely useful!

7 Things You've Never* Done With Your Group Before

What are you going to do with your youth or children's group this year? What will make your time more effective, your kids more engaged, your sessions more memorable? Why not try something new?

7 Ways Christian Holidays are Better than Festivals

We all love the summer festival season - huge crowds of young people together worshipping and learning together, complete with cartoon onesies and flowery wellies. But this summer, why not consider the alternative options out there? What can more traditional Christian holidays and camps offer that Soul Survivor, Greenbelt, New Day, New Wine, Detling and all the other festivals might struggle to...