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FRIENDSHIP: Friends 'til the end (IN01) 7-10

Theme: Friends

The aim of this session is to help the children see that a friend is someone who sticks with you when things are difficult

behaviour, communication, relationships

FAMILIES: Family matters (IN02) 7-10

Theme: Family

The aim of this session is to realise that God put us into families, because that is the best for us and to think of the things our parents do for us.

TEMPTATION: Lead us not into temptation (PP01) 7-10

Theme: Temptation

The aim of this session is to show that whilst being tempted is not wrong, we have to resist temptation because falling into temptation has bad consequences. We will also look at positive strategies that we can use to resist temptation

INFLUENCE OF FRIENDS: Under the influence (IN01) 15+

Theme: Friends

To help young people think about how friends have influenced them, for good or bad, and how they in turn can influence their friends.

INFLUENCE OF FAMILY: Keep it in the family (IN02) 15+

Theme: Family

To help young people think about the influence their family has had on them, and ways in which they can influence their families

SELF-WORTH: Image! (PP02) 7-10

Theme: Self worth - image

The aim of this session is to show the children that the basis of our self worth should be that we are loved and created by God, and not bound by how we look.

WORRY (HE02) 7-10

Theme: Worry (Handling Emotions)

The aim of this session is to see that worry hinders us, and it is better to trust God.


Theme: Anger (Handling Emotions)

The aim of this session is to distinguish between wrong anger and right anger, and to introduce the idea of using a soft answer to keep the peace.

HANDLING ANGER: Keep Your Hair On (HE01) 15+

Theme: Anger (Handling Emotions)

To help young people understand anger better and to learn some strategies for handling it effectively.

GOOD FRIENDS: I'll be there for you (IN01) 11-14

Theme: Friends

To help the group to think about what makes a good friend and to challenge them to be better friends to others.

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