11-14 years

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Eleven to Fourteen year olds are a great age group to work with. They are full of challenges but also fantastic rewards. These young teens are full of life, attitude and opinions. They are energetic, thoughtful, idealistic with a good sense of what’s fair and what’s right and wrong. In general they have moved away from thinking that their parents know everything to the position that their friends know far more. Don’t under estimate peer pressure. Mum and Dad are no longer cool and they are keen to be independent. They want to be treated as adults, but still enjoy being children. They know their rights. They want to please themselves and do things their own way. But they want to belong, they want to be recognised, they want people to take an interest in them and they need to be treated with loving patience and acceptance.

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Not sure where to begin? We've developed a syllabus that allows to young people to grapple with their faith, using highly interactive and fun activities and resources:

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