3-4 years

Energize offers an introduction to faith for young children and their parents.


Three and four year olds are a delightful age group to work with. They are engaging, fun, curious, independent, active, sociable, full of questions, know their own minds and want to express their own thoughts and ideas. Their sense of humour is just developing and they love to share jokes; sometimes these jokes make no sense to adults but the laughter of the child is infectious and good to join in with. Some will be quiet and thoughtful, others will be active and on the go. Somehow you have to engage them all, give them a good time, demonstrate the love God has for each one of them and introduce them to Jesus.


Energize has a growing range of meeting plans for working with this age group. Why not take a look and see what's on offer:

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Not sure where to begin? We've developed a syllabus that allows to children to explore the basics of faith, using stories and simple teaching points:

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