Forward A Meeting Plan To Others

A useful feature of Energize is the ability to send meeting plans to other leaders directly from the site - saving paper and ensuring all your team have the information they need to run your youth or children's session.

You have to save your plan before you can send it. See Save A Meeting Plan for further details.

To forward your plan, open the plan that you want to send from the Saved Plans page.  

Note:  Some users of this new version of Energize may find that they have a folder called MY MEETING PLANS in their saved plans list. This function is being phased out and will at some stage be removed. You cannot forward or save plans into this folder.  If you have meeting plans in this folder which you wish to forward please open then and save them into one of your organisation folders.  See HOW TO SAVE A MEETING PLAN.

On the black top toolbar hover over 

Click on Send To Leaders from the drop-down menu

A SEND TO LEADERS pop-out will appear.  At the top of this box you will see.

If you have organised your leaders into groups you can select the group that you want to send the plan to by clicking on the group name from this drop down box.  If you have not organised your leaders into groups then you do not need to use this box.

In the main part of the pop-out you will see the list of your leaders (either you entire list if you are not using groups or the list of the leaders in the group you selected from the pop out box).

Select the leaders that you want to send the plan to by clicking on their names.  When you have you have finished this process click SEND. You will then see the following confirmation.

If you wish to forward the plan to additional leaders then click on SEND TO OTHERS and repeat the forwarding process.  Otherwise you can close the pop-out box.