To explore how we can partner with God to create a more just world.

This series is currently under construction.  The sessions for 11-14 are now complete and sessions for 7-10s will be added for autumn 2021.

The Justice League and our current obsession with the Marvel cinematic Multiverse have given our young people have a lop-sided view of justice. They are certainly familiar with the idea that justice punishes the evildoer. This idea is probably more appealing and exciting but, we must remember that justice is a two-sided coin. Primarily, justice holds up and protects, four different groups of people in the Bible. The widow, the orphan, the alien and the poor. Those who would be easy targets to be trampled or manipulated in our selfish society. In this series, we look at the call of the Christian to promote the other side of the coin.

You do not have to go very far, before you realise, that everything is not as it should be, in the world. The Hebrew word for justice ‘Mishpah’ can also be translated to uphold the cause of something, to promote the righteousness of something and sometimes justice. Most young people can identify things that they don’t think are as the way they should be and struggle to put into action their feelings and desires. This series will perhaps help them understand that dissatisfaction a little better and enable them to put into action their desire to imagine a more just future.

We will start with the Biblical story of creation as we focus on what God intended when he created the world. (Session 1) 

We will look at the truth that God’s intent for the world and the people within it did not alter when sin entered the world and we have a responsibility. (Session 2)  

The next four sessions (Sessions 3-6) look at the different ways that injustice affects human beings and our planet. We will look at the broken relationships between humans and God, humans and each other, humans and nature and humans and themselves. Throughout these sessions, there will be a focus on Jesus as the breaker of injustice and the ways to engage with his healing on our planet.

The next two sessions (sessions 7 -8) look at examples of people in the Old Testament who promoted the cause of justice and particularly fought for the rights of the oppressed. We will look at the promise of justice that is fulfilled in Jesus. In session eight we will examine how Jesus started his ministry and how that highlights God’s heart for justice. 

The next two sessions (Sessions 9-10) examine the role of Christians in promoting justice both in the UK and abroad. We will look at Christians who have worked hard to promote the cause of the widow and the orphan in this country. We will also highlight Overseas Adventures as part of being an Urban Saints. 

The final two sessions offer a challenge and a promise. We will look at what the Bible says about living a life of justice without growing weary and the promise at the end of Revelation that shows the Kingdom of God in fullness and every tear wiped away. 

There is an obvious narrative of the Bible that we follow in this plan that develops from creation through the Bible until Jesus returns. We will offer young people more than one opportunity through the plan to get to know Jesus the King of justice.