A Zoom based series for Lent exploring some of the most challenging questions Jesus asked

Questions, questions.  When will lockdown end?  When will things return to normal? Why has this happened?  How will it impact my future?

Important questions all but, as we approach another Easter in the shadow of Coronavirus, we thought we'd look at some of the questions Jesus asked those around him.  They were challenging and in many ways unexpected questions and as we encourage young people to reflect on how they might have answered them, and more importantly how they would answer them today, we hope that the answers they find will shape their lives in a more positive and permanent way than their current circumstances ever can.

There are 6 sessions that can be run weekly during Lent plus an additional session that can be run any time.

Sessions will be made available weekly to the schedule below:

WWYS01   "Who do you say I am?"  Available 8th February 2021

We will look at the interaction between Jesus and Peter where he says "Who do you say I am?"  We will examine what the other responses are in this conversation and the impact that Peter’s response had on Jesus and on Peter.

Key Bible Verses: Matthew 16:13-20

WWYS02 Questions for the Pharisees.  Available 15th February 2021

Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also? We will look at this interesting interaction between Jesus and the Pharisees. We will look at the 6 woes Jesus lists, and discuss ways we can avoid the pitfalls of the Pharisees.

Key Bible Verses: Luke 11: 37-53

WWYS03  "Where are your accusers?"  Available 22nd February 2021

This session will look at the story of the woman caught in adultery. We will look at what Jesus asked her and what he then required of her.

Key Bible Verses: John 8:1-11

WWYS04 "What do you want me to do for you?"  Available 1st March 2021

The story of the Blind beggar when Jesus asks him, ‘what do you want me to do for you?’ 

Key Bible Verses: Luke 18:35-42

WWYS05 "Why are you crying?"  Available 8th March 2021

In preparation for Holy Week, we will look at the question that the resurrected Jesus asked Mary. "Why are you crying?"

We will explore the idea that it is ok to grieve and that Grief is a holy and healthy response to love. We will examine things we have lost due to Covid-19 and we will look at healthy ways to move forward.

Key Bible Verses: John 20: 10-18

WWYS06 "Who are you looking for?"  Available 15th March 2021

The second question that the resurrected Jesus asked Mary continues to have a powerful resonance today.  In a society that, maybe more than ever before, is searching for someone to provide meaning in uncertain times, we will explore what providing the right answer to this question could mean for our young people.

Key Bible Verses: John 21: 15-25

WWYS07 "Do you love me?" Available 15th March 2021

We will look at the conversation between Peter and Jesus on the beach. Jesus asks, "Do you (agape) love me, Peter? And Peter responds "Yes Lord, you know I (phileo) love you." We will examine the differences between the different types of love and how that plays out in our lives and in our walk with Jesus.

Key Bible Verses: John 21: 15-25

This series is designed to be run on Zoom but could be adapted for other settings as circumstances allow.  We've limited the number of items in each session to make them as straightforward as possible to use.  For that reason, we recommend that you select the ALL ITEMS option below.