Edit a meeting plan

Once you have found the meeting plan you want to use you are most likely want to edit it in some way.


Energize meeting plans have been design to allow you to have a choice of material and select the level or type of elements that work best for you and your group. Most meeting plans are way too long and have too many options for most group sessions (however keen you are!)  As a result you’ll most likely want to remove some elements (ie. the ones you are not going to use).

Additionally, you might want to swap the order of the elements in the plan so they appear in the sequence that you are going to present them in.  Remember, you’re in charge! Energize may suggest a running order but you need to structure the plan in the way that works best with your young people.

Not every plan always has every type of activity in it (otherwise they would be really, really long!) so sometimes you may feel that there are some elements missing from a particular plan that you would like to include.  These might be activities that your young people love doing (eg. craft) or respond particularly well to (eg. video clips).  Sometimes you might not have the equipment suggested and want to find an activity more suited to you available resources.  Occasional some parts of the plan might not ‘do it for you’ (that’s the technical term!).  Never fear, Energize allows you to add in items from other sessions to help you construct the plan into one that works for you.

Finally, you might want to add in your own activities or notes to yourself or other leaders which will help you deliver the session in the best possible way, tailored to your young people.

Remember, Energize allows you to save your edited meeting plans so that they are always accessible to you and other members of your team.  You can save your edited meeting plans at any stage and can open them to continue editing so it's worth getting in to the habit of saving a plan you are editing at an early stage. If you exit an edited plan without saving you will lose your work (although you will receive a warning message so, in theory, you shouldn't be able to do this accidentally!)


Remove an item

If you want to remove an item from the plan, click on  

at the end of the activity. 

A pop-up box may then ask you to confirm that this is what you want to do. 

Click OK if you are happy or Cancel if you want to keep the item. If you click OK the item will then be removed from the plan.

Restore an item

If you were familiar with the previous version of Energize the removed items minimised and could be reinstated by clicking on them. This version of Energize allows you to produce plans which are cleaner and less cluttered but if you change your mind you can still return activities to the plan (they are not gone forever!). 

To restore an item, look to the top of the screen where you will see on the right hand side in the black strip a link to add activities.

This link will open a pop up window, with three tabs. Click on Removed Items.

A list will appear showing the items that you have removed from the plan. 

Click on title of the activity you want to re-instate.  This will expand to show you the item in full (to allow you to double check that you want to re-instate it).  If you want to add it back into the plan click on:

This will re-instate the item at the end of the plan from where you can move it to the position you want it to appear (see Reorder Items).  To close a pop-up box click

in the top black menu bar.

Add activities

If you want to add additional or alternative activities from the Energize database to your plan there are three ways to do this.

You can click on 

which appears at the bottom of each activity box. 

OR click on 

in the black strip at the top of the screen.

OR, at the bottom of the meeting plan you can click on 

Whichever link you click will open a pop up window, from which you can 'Find items' using filters to search the Energize database, or you can add in an item you have marked as a favourite.

To view the contents of an item simply click anywhere on its title line and it will expand. 

Once you’ve identified an item that you want to add to your plan click

at the bottom of the item.  This will move the item to the end of the plan you are working on, from where you can move it to where you want it appear (see Reorder Items). 


If you want to move the position of an item in your meeting plan this couldn’t be easier.

Click on

in the bottom black toolbar.  When you click on this your plan will be minimised (so that only the headings appear) to make it easier for you to move stuff around.  To move the position of an item in the plan you simply need to click and drag it to its new position.  In other words, select the heading of the item that you want to move, left click on it and, holding the button down, drag the item to where you want it to appear, release the button and the item will have moved to its new position.  Repeat as many times as you want! Once you are happy the plan is in the order you want click on

in the bottom toolbar and you meeting plan will expand so that you can see it in its full, reordered, glory.

Add notes

Each element on the meeting plan has a free text box in which you add notes.  These might be aide memoires to yourself, notes to other leaders, a way of allocating activities to individual leaders, adaptions you are going to make in delivery of the item or space to add in additional activities into the plan.

To add a note, simply click on

which appears at the end of each item description and type your note into free text box.  To remove a note click on 

which will appear above the box. Once you have saved the plan, the notes will be visible to anyone who views the plan and also on any download or print-out of the plan.  And on the subject of saving your meeting plans….


See HOW TO SAVE A MEETING PLAN for further guidance.