Save A Meeting Plan

Energize allows you to save meeting plans so that they are always accessible to you and other members of your team.  Although you can save unedited plans it is more likely that you will want to save the plans you have edited. You can save your edited meeting plans at any stage and can open them to continue editing so it's worth getting into the habit of saving a plan you are editing at an early stage. If you exit an edited plan without saving you will lose your work (although you will receive a warning message so, in theory, you shouldn't be able to do this accidentally!)

Once you have the plan you want to save open, on the top black toolbar click:

A pop-up box will appear which give you the option of amending the title and saving the meeting plan into a folder. See HOW TO USE FOLDERS for further guidance. If you want to change the meeting plan title, simply delete the text in the Title box and add in your own wording.  To save your plan either select an existing folder in Select a folder or create a new folder and click:

To manage or view you saved plans either select

from the Meeting Plans section on the homepage or from the red toobar select

and then on the drop down menu click

This will take you to the Saved Plans page from where you can manage and view your saved plans.