Weekly Wins

Girl sitting crossed legged looking at open laptop resting on her legsRunning a group online?

Each week, Energize is releasing a new Zoom-friendly activity just for you.

If you're looking for ideas to keep things interesting on Zoom (or wherever you host video calls), we're here to help. From quirky quizzes to inspiring ice-breakers, we'll be releasing weekly wins for you to use in your online sessions. Have fun!

Weekly Wins are suitable for groups with young people aged 11+.

This Week's Win

Quiz Your Leaders
This week, the tables turn and it's the leaders that have to answer questions. Your group must create a quiz that they think is impossible for you to answer, and it's your job to prove them wrong!


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Last Week's Win

Here's a fun game to test your young people's creativity and ingenuity. As you work through the PowerPoint the young people have five seconds to create the animal smash up. Award points for the funniest or most creativity.


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Find all past Weekly Wins and other online activities in this Energize session: 

Online Activities and At Home Challenges

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