Resources for a wide age range

Energize equips you to journey with young people from childhood to adulthood.

One Energize subscription enables you to access high-quality, age-appropriate, Bible-based resources for every stage of a young person's development. Energize will equip you to understand, engage with and respond to their needs, from ages 3 to 18+.

As children become young people and then young adults, Energize will equip you to understand, engage with and respond to their needs. There are Energize meeting plans for ages 3 to 18+ plus training and discipleship course and articles to support you at every stage - whether you are a new leader or have been investing in young lives for decades.

We are committed to reaching and discipling generations of children and young people - changing the future, one life at a time - and to do so, requires leaders to lay down their age-group specialisms. You may be more familiar with 7-10s but you don't lose the three years of investment you have made into their lives when they turn 11 - and Energize can give your the tools to build on that investment as they continue on their faith journey.

We use Energize across our entire youth and children's ministry all with one account. It's such good value for money! - Youth Pastor, Berkshire


What does Energize offer?

3-4 years

An introduction to faith for young children and their parents. Find out more

5-6 years

Laying sound foundations with creative activities, craft ideas and Bible stories. Find out more

7-10 years

Bible teaching materials using games, activities and drama. Find out more

11-14 years

Fun games, faith-filled interactive teaching resources and prayer ideas. Find out more

15+ years

Resources to unpack worldviews, current affairs and activities to promote exploration and understanding. Find out more

Emerging leaders

Leadership and faith development mentoring courses for young people. Find out more

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