How to run a Session: 3-4s

Sessions aimed at 3- to 4-year-olds are designed slightly differently to the other age groups, so here's a guide as to what the different sections contain and how to set up the session.

Welcome Activities: If your session is being run as a ‘Sunday School’ session, the idea is that all activities in this section are provided (or as many as possible), allowing the children choice. If it is being run as part of a Toddler Group, then these activities can be provided as part of the all the other activities on offer. If it is part of a short Toddler and Parent worship session (e.g. Pram Service) then it may only be practical to offer one of the activities.

Story Time: Choose whichever Story Time activity best suits your circumstances. It would be best to use the same area and seating arrangement each time.

Get Creative: A choice of activities reflecting the Bible Story in some way. If you have lots of time and space then you could offer all of them, but just to offer one is fine. Children of this age are exploring their own ideas and ways of creating, so may go off on their own tangent; e.g. if you ask them to make a sheep they may well turn it into something else – don’t be anxious about this – 3 year olds especially are much more interested in the ‘doing’ than the finished product.

Get Creative for Adults: One 'Get Creative' activity is a suggestion for a creative prayer activity. This is specifically for any parents/carers who are staying with their children; have a leader on hand not only to monitor safety of the children but also to talk or pray with any adult who needs this interaction. If you are in a Sunday School setting where no parents stay, then you would not need to organise this activity.

Revisiting The Story: Similar to the Welcome Activities, this provides an opportunity for the children to revisit and retell the story themselves using small world figures, dressing up etc. The idea would be that, if you chose a making activity in the Get Creative section, the children could move on to the Revisiting The Story activities when they’ve finished – there is no need for the whole group to finish together.

Time To Go Home: The activity in this section suggests a take-home activity and also a short prayer or song that you can use if you want to round up the sessions with all the children together again. However, you may prefer not to do this activity, especially if people leave over an extended period.   

Remember to be flexible and don't worry to much if things don't go to plan. Have fun and enjoy it, and the children will do the same!