Administer my subscription

The following Account Management options are only available once you have Subscribed to Energize


The person from your organisation who initially signed up for you Energize subscription is your Subscription Administrator.  They can add Leaders to your account (ie. give them access to Energize) and they can also give other Leaders administration rights which allows them to share in the account administration. We advise that you don't have too many administrators as this may potentially cause confusion down the line.

To Manage Your Subscription (check on your subscription status and add/remove leaders) select ORGANISATIONS from the drop down menu which appears when you click on the Welcome message in the top toolbar.

Here you will see all the organisations that are linked to your e-mail and password.  For the majority of people this will be one organisation but for some it may be two or more. 

On the ORGANISATIONS page you will see your Subscription Status. If the word 'Active' appears against this it means that your subscription payments are up to date.  If it reads 'Inactive' then it means that your subscription has expired or there is a problem with your payments.  In these circumstances, please contact the Energize Team for assistance. 

If you click on the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION tab this will take you to you to the page where you can check and edit your organisation name and address and see more details about your subscription status.  Don't forget to click UPDATE DETAILS if you make any changes.


If you click the MANAGE LEADERS tab you will be taken to a list of all the people in your organisation who have access to Energize and whether they are listed as a User or as a Subscription Administrator (Admin).

At the top of the page you will see the option to ADD A LEADER. Simply type the e-mail of the Leader that you want to add into the Email box. It's important that you have the permission of the Leader to do this. If you want to make them a Subscription Administrator check the box next to Make admin user? (see our advice on this above) and then click ADD USER.

Once you have clicked ADD USER Energize will send an e-mail to the Leader asking them to verify their account and add some additional details, such as their name.  Their name will only appear against their e-mail once they have set up their log-in. Leaders who have not responded to the e-mail are listed first on the Leaders List and then, once they have responded, in alphabetical order by their first name.  It would be a good idea to warn the Leader that you are going to do this and ask them to look out for the e-mail.  

If a leader says that they haven't received an invitation which you sent you can resend it by clicking on the blue RESEND INVITATION link.

It is worth flagging up that occasionally Energize e-mails get trapped by SPAM filters so they may want to check their Junk e-mail and then register the Energize e-mail as safe if it ended up in this folder.  If you have resent the invitation more than once and it still hasn't been received please contact us so we can help.

If a leader has forgotten their password then they can either user the Forgot your password? link that appears under the password box on the LOG IN page or you can reset if for them using the gold CHANGE PASSWORD link.

To remove a leader from the list simply click the dustbin symbol.

Please note that you can't remove yourself from a Subscription Administrator role - only another Subscription Administrator can do this. This is to avoid the possibility of your organisation being without an Administrator.


Energize allows you to arrange the Leaders in your organisation into groups (eg. if you had an under 5s team you may want to create a separate group for them and then for other separate age groups or activities in your church). Not only will this help you mange you records but it also give you the opportunity of sending meeting plans to leaders within one group without having to identify individuals or send it to all your leaders.  See Forward A Meeting Plan to Others for further information.


Parents can be added by your account Administrator in the same way that leaders are added (see above) and you can also use the Group Profiles functionality to create one or more Parent Groups. You could then use this, for example, to e-mail out a weekly session for parents/carers to use in the home. 

Parents added to your account will also have access to all the resources on Energize to run their own activities, download worksheets, quizzes, etc. as well as our hints and tips for discipling children and young people through this challenging season.

You need to have the permission of the parent or carer to add their e-mail to Energize.  Unless they are a leader in your group, please do not give them Admin rights to your account.