How do I give parents/carers access to Energize resources?

How to add a parent/carer to your Energize account

If you are an Administrator on your account then you can add parents/carers to your account in the same way that you add leaders. Here's how...

Log-in to Energize.  Hover over the HELLO (and your name) message which is in the top right-hand corner of the screen on a desktop or tap the logged-in icon on a mobile device.  From the menu select MY ORGANISATIONS and then, once on that page, select the MANAGE LEADERS option.  Note that we don't currently have a separate method for adding parents so you are effectively adding them as leaders


You must have permission from each parent/carer you wish to add before you enter their e-mail onto the system and confirmed that they understand that they will receive an email from Energize to set up their security details and start using Energize. The information provided will be used and stored to secure their access to Energize. We will never sell or swap personal data with another organisation and will store all details securely, respecting your trust and privacy. For our full privacy policy, see

Adding the parent/carer

To add a parent/carer, enter their e-mail into the box headed Add Leader.  We advise that you do not make them an Admin User so leave this box unchecked.  You don't need to enter any other information as the parent will add this themselves. Click ADD USER.

What happens next?

The parent/carer will receive an e-mail from Energize inviting them to join your account.  It contains a link which when the click will take them to a page where they can enter their name etc. and set up their own password for accessing Energize. Once they have submitted this they will automatically be linked to your account and be able to log-in any time using their e-mail and password.  

Is this the only way that parents/carers can access Energize resources?

No, they could take out a trial.  The advantage of this is that you don't have to do anything other than giving them this link and you will avoid having a mixture of parents and leaders on your users' list.  The disadvantage is that they will lose access after 30 days (although you could still choose at that point to add them to your account if they are finding Energize helpful). You also won't be able to send them resources directly via Energize.

Alternatively, if you wanted to send parents/carers resources (such as a session that you have created) then you can download it as a PDF and e-mail it to them.  This means no personal details need to be entered onto our system.  The disadvantage is that they will be dependent upon what you send them (which of course will be brilliant!) but unable to access the site directly if they want additional or supplementary resources.