Customising Sessions

We very much hope that Energize will provide a springboard for your own creativity and, when inspiration strikes, it's simple to create your own activity and add it to your session.  Here's how....

Open a session (it doesn't matter whether you use the ALL ITEMS or OPTIMISE route to do this).

Click ADD ITEM+ and then select the CUSTOM tab.

Write up your item in the template provided giving it a title and not forgetting to add in the length of time you think that the activity will take.  When you are happy with the item click ADD TO SESSION.  The item will be added to the end of your session but you can then click and drag it to another position.

If you wish to edit your customised item, just click on VIEW ITEM and then the EDIT CUSTOM ITEM option, not forgetting to click DONE when you have finished editing.

Also, don't forget that you can use the MY NOTES in the session header or the NOTES option available in each item to add in any adaptations or additions that you wish to make when your team delivers the session. Any notes that you add are automatically saved when you exit the template (you don't need to hit a save button) but don't forget to save your session to one of your folders when you have finished making it your own.

Finally, if you've come up with a genius activity then we'd love to know!  Get in touch with the team via and tell us what you did and how it went.