Using Favourites

The Favourite functionality allows you to add any item (activity) on Energize to your Favourities folder for future use.  These items can then be added into any session you are building.  Note: These are your personal Favourites and will not be visible to other members of your organisation.

Adding an item to your Favourites

Open a session and click on VIEW ITEM.  To Favourite the item, click on the star icon in the item header.  This will add the item to your Favourites folder and the item will be available to you the next time you open another session.

Adding an item from your Favourites to a session

There are two ways to add an item from your list of Favourites to your session.

Open a session, click +ADD ITEM and select the FAVOURITES tab.

1) Click the+  icon in the item. This will add the item to the end of your session from where it can be dragged and dropped to the position you want it to appear in the session

2) Drag and drop it into position. To do this, hover anywhere over the item that you wish to move into the session. Click and hold your mouse and ‘drag’ the item to roughly the position you want in in the session and then release the mouse.

Items which have been inserted into your session will still appear on your Favourites list but will be faded out to indicate that they have already been added.

Managing your Favourites

If you have added a significant number of items to your Favourites folder (there is a count at the top of Favourites list that tells you how many items are in your folder) then you can use the option to help you find items. If you click this you will be taken through to the filter page where you can select the type of item you are looking for (eg. game, drama etc) from the drop down and/or search by keyword. Click to see your results but, remember, this filter is only searching items that you have already saved to your favourites.

Removing an item from your Favourites

To remove an item from Favourites, open the list of your Favourited items and click on the Remove from Favourites text within the item that you wish to remove