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America's Gun Culture

On Valentine's Day 2018 a 19-year-old gunman killed 17 people and injured many more after opening fire at a high school in Florida. In the aftermath, hopes were raised that this atrocity would finally force the US to face up to the consequences of its gun culture. But we've been here before.

Gender Pay Gap

Exploring the issue of gender pay gaps in the light of recent revelations at the BBC.

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery and human trafficking is prevalent in every UK town and city, the National Crime Agency has stated. Energize investigates.


Violent clashes between two groups of protestors in Charlottesville highlight US racial tensions. Energize reports.

North Korea

As tensions rise between one of the most secretive, belligerent and autocratic states in the world and the equally belligerent leader of the world's most powerful democracy, Energize explores the key issues.